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If only I had wings . . . by invisible @ NuTang.com
I was Terrified
Monday. 9.8.14 1:06 pm
I had a dream last night that was just plain scary... Also, it was the kind of dream where things randomly and rapidly change (what I was doing, settings)

I was hanging out with random people. Some were friends I've made at work. Others were people I knew in grade school. It was late at night. We were driving through the streets of a city I'd never been in. I was watching the city lights pass by through my window. Suddenly, I'm eating a bowl of chicken flavored Ramen soup. I'm still in the car with friends. It seemed like we had been driving down the same stretch of road for hours. The view outside had not changed. Anyway, I was chowing down on the ramen like I hadn't eaten all day. My friends in the front seat are carrying on a conversation and laughing about who knows what. That's when it happened.. I shoved a for full of noodles into my mouth and I crunched on something hard. I froze for a moment and pondered what it could be. A rock?? That's what it felt like. I reached into my mouth to pull this foreign object out and didn't know what it was at first. Through the dim light I could see it was smooth, off-white, pebble like rock. Suddenly, the fear of what it could be washed over me. I ran my tongue along my teeth and felt that one had somehow broken apart. I grew terrified from the recognition of what I was holding my hand. How did ramen break my tooth? It's noodles.. seriously? As if matters couldn't get any worse, all of my molars came loose and detached from my gums. I spit them all out of my mouth into my hands to join the piece I pulled from my mouth moments ago. My front teeth remained but, the rest of them were in my hands. I stared down into them, full of terror, wondering how this could happen. The car slows down and we are pulling up to some ones house. I have no idea where we are but, everyone seems comfortable as if it's a common hang out spot. I still had my teeth in my hands... terrified... How could something so soft, destroy something solid like a rock?

The rest of the dream is me trying to hide the fact that most of my teeth had fallen out and what the hell I was going to do. I remember feeling terrified. I was specifically terrified that everyone would know. I had to hide it. I remember looking into a mirror at examining the damage. I could still talk with my front teeth. I could make a small smile without exposing the fact I had missing teeth. I could pull off that nothing was wrong and I could hide my secret. I knew I couldn't hide it forever but, I was going to try my hardest to let no one know for as long as possible.

I understand the symbolism behind my dreams and what problem this is reflecting in my life. However, all my teeth falling out? Come on.

My subconscious mind is so cruel..

i had a similar dream where the moment i opened my mouth i have countless of tooth coming out from my mouth... how scary it was..
» renaye on 2014-09-09 07:58:50

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