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If only I had wings . . . by invisible @ NuTang.com
Death by Spider
Wednesday. 9.17.14 10:13 am
I had written an entry within the past 6 months labeled "Death by Wasp". Now, the series continues with my horrifying adventure with a spider.

My little man and I went shopping yesterday. When the clock struck 12 Kaden was ready for his nap. I felt bad for him since we had started shopping late in the morning. I knew he was going to be tired but, a momma has to get everything done. I asked him if he was hungry. His response was yes, and "I WANT MC DONALDS!! YAY MC DONALDS!!!" Now, I am one of those annoying parents that resents fast food. I'm not a Nazi about it. We will get Wendy's kids meals here and there BUT, I despise Mc Donalds. I never eat there... ever. In this case, Mc Donalds was convenient. So, I swallowed my pride and we set off for the fast-food chain. Upon reaching the drive through, I placed our order and drove around the corner to the first window to pay. I noticed the woman at the second window ahead was looking out towards my car. I didn't recognize her as someone I might know. I was a little confused. When the first window I was parked next to opened, the older woman stuck her head out hesitantly and looked straight above her, then quickly ducked back in. I chill ran down my spine. Should I be worried about something? She looked at me and said one word. "Spider" "What? A spider? She must mean cob webs or something. They are all over the place." She reached out to grab the money from my hands cautiously. This womans reaction to whatever was above perked my curiosity. So, I stuck my own head out of my car and looked up and there it was... Under the overhang of the roof was a giant (The size of my hand... literally) Wolf spider. I am TERRIFED of spiders. As in, I will have a panic attack if there is one on me. It didn't move, so I talked myself into remaining calm. "It's all the way up there. Nothing to fear. Everything is going to be fine. When the woman shut her window to make change the spider did what everyone feared most. At Lightning speed, it crawled toward the window. The woman opened the window to hand me my changed and I shouted like a sissy "THE SPIDER IS COMING DOWN! SHUT YOUR WINDOW!! I was simultaneously rolling my window up incase it was a hitch hiking spider. It sat at the corner of the window for a few moments staring at me menacingly. All of those beety little eyes looking at me, wanting the taste of human flesh. The woman began slowly opening the window and I was shaking my head vigorously and motioning for her to keep it shut. She slammed the window against the frame and it frightened the gigantic spider. it fled around the corner of the wall, never to be seen again.

Moral of the story? Do not eat at Mc Donalds or else a giant spider will descend upon you.

And so I live another day...

I didn't need another reason to not eat at McDonald's but thanks anyway. Fear resides within me now as a result of reading this.
» randomjunk on 2014-09-17 08:07:10

hahaha wow. So much anti-spider solidarity.
» Zanzibar on 2014-09-18 03:04:25

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